11003 – WebClient – getting Config data thru LINQ

The most common things to make your application more dynamic is load content from an external source. The most common of which is an XML file or a XML-based file such as those from various RSS feeds.

In this topic we will be discussing, how to actually read the contents of our XML file using LINQ. Silverlight includes the WebClient helper class within the System.Net namespace (this is also in the full .NET Framework). We can use this class to asynchronously download content from a URL. The benefit of downloading asynchronously is that our UI will not block or become unresponsive while waiting on the remote server (allowing us to have a very fluid user experience). All we need to-do to perform an async download with the WebClient class is to register a “DownloadStringCompleted” event handler method that will be invoked once the requested content has been downloaded, and then call the WebClient.DownloadStringAsync(url) helper method to initiate the download…

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