InfoPath crashes while publishing

Once InfoPath form is published thru Publish wizard from menu, the application Crashes. Finally I figured out the problem and fixed.


  1. Open Infopath form in design mode.
  2. Do some changes, Save.
  3. Publish the form to the SharePoint list thru wizard as shown in figure.
  4. Once the publish button is clicked, the InfoPath application Crashes and asks for restart Infopath or find solution in online.

(This problem occurs only in SharePoint 2010 while publishing forms from InfoPath)


I tried many solutions in the internet like – setting permission levels, reinstall office, install some hotfix etc., But I can’t able to fix the problem.

Finally, I found that the Infopath application while publish, it queries the top level site collection (at the ROOT) to get some information and fails, once the top level site collection is not there.

For example:

If you are publishing Infopath form to the site collection http://spsrv:88/sites/Jay/en the crash happens, as it queries the top level like site to http://spsrv:88/

So once I create a site collection at the root of the web application, the Crashing won’t happen and Successfully get Published.


There is no fix provided as of today. May be Microsoft will be looking at this issue soon.

But as a solution, create a dummy Site Collection at the Root (if one doesn’t exist or having site collection under managed paths).

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