BDCM Import

This article explains on the BDCM migration, Permission, resolving issues faced after import.
BDCM Export – using SharePoint designer as in screen shot below,

Business Data Connectivity service Metadata – Import

1. Using PowerShell command

$MetadataStore = Get-SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObject -BdcObjectType “Catalog” -ServiceContext http://ServerName/PWA

Import-SPBusinessDataCatalogModel -Path “E:PATHProjName.bdcm” -Identity $MetadataStore -Force

2. Central Admin

  1. Navigate to Central Administration – Application Management – Manage Service Applications – Business Data Connectivity Service Application. 
  2. In the BDC models group of the ribbon, click Import. 
  3. On the Import BDC model page under BDC Model section, click Browse to find the BDC model or resource file.
  4. In the File Type section, select the type of BDC model file to import: Model or Resource.
  5. Click on Import button.
  6. BDC model will be validated.
  7. BDC model is successfully added to the BDC metadata store.

Refer the screenshot for Import and Permission set

BDCM Namespace issue
For resolving the below error while importing:

  1. Calling GetEntityWithNameAndNamespace failed 
  2. IEntity could not be found by The requested Entity -Entity Name- under Namespace http://ServerName was not found
The Namespace should be same before and after import. You can cross-check the namespace tag by opening the BDCM file in notepad.

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