Project Server 2013-Deployment from Development to Production

Recently while Rollover activity, I faced few issues and got resolved successfully. The Data, Permissions, Designs, etc., works as expected. So, I thought of providing the steps in this post for Migration.

Moving EPM Data – Different Domain

Prior to running the below queries, ensure that you have same account IDs and names as that of the domain account IDs and names in Project Server and the service accounts used for Project Server.

The following SQL query in PWA database replace the User account from one Domain to another:

REPLACE(LTRIM(WRES_ACCOUNT), ‘–Domain1–‘, ‘–Domain2–‘);

REPLACE(LTRIM(WRES_CLAIMS_ACCOUNT), ‘–Domain1–‘, ‘–Domain2–‘);

UPDATE dbo.MSP_EpmResource
SET UserClaimsAccount =
REPLACE(LTRIM(UserClaimsAccount), ‘–Domain1–‘, ‘–Domain2–‘);

UPDATE dbo.MSP_EpmResource
SET ResourceNTAccount =
REPLACE(LTRIM(ResourceNTAccount), ‘–Domain1–‘, ‘–Domain2–‘);

If the resource names are not changed based on the Domain, then it results in failing Queue job while Save/Publish Project. The above query resolves the issue.

Test the migration by publishing a new project and existing project as well.

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