Project Server 2013-Migrating data different Domain

This articles provides step by step instructions for Successful deployment of EPM data from Development to Production.

1. Backup Source DB:
Take Backup of Development Server Databases (PWA Database, Web Application Content Database).

Open SQL Server Management Studio (from Development Server):
– ProjectWebApp (Project Server DB)
– WSS_Content_PS (Web Application Content DB)

Right click on the source databases, and select Tasks – Backup

2. Dismount DB:
Dismount Production Server Databases (ProjectWebApp, WSS_Content_PS) using below Powershell Command:

Dismount-SPProjectWebInstance -SiteCollection http://ServerName/PWA

Dismount-SPContentDatabase WSS_Content_PS

3. Delete Existing DB:
Delete existing Database (ProjectWebApp, WSS_Content_PS) – with Close existing connections options.

4. Restore Backup DB:
Restore the Backup Databases using — Open SQL Server Management Studio in the target environment, right click on the Databases heading, and choose the option to restore the database.

5. Mount DB:
Mount Databases using Powershell command:

Mount-SPContentDatabase WSS_Content_PS -DatabaseServer DBName\InstanceName -WebApplication http://ServerName

Mount-SPProjectDatabase -Name ProjectWebApp -WebApplication http://ServerName -DatabaseServer DBNam\InstanceName

Mount-SPProjectWebInstance -DatabaseName ProjectWebApp -SiteCollection http://ServerName/PWA -DatabaseServer DBName\InstanceName

Mounting of Database can be verified using the below command:
Get-SPProjectWebInstance -URL http://ServerName/PWA | Select ProvisioningStatus

6. Verify:
After Mounting, Login in to PWA site and when below error occurs:
Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you.

Admin has to be given Admin rights thru PowerShell command using:

Grant-SPProjectAdministratorAccess -Url http://ServerName/PWA -UserAccount Domain\AdminAccount

7. Deploy Solution file:
WSP files are deployed using the below command:

Uninstall-SPSolution -Identity “SolutionFile.wsp” -WebApplication “http://ServerName/”
Remove-SPSolution -Identity “SolutionFilewsp”

Add-SPSolution “E:\PATH\SolutionFile.wsp”
Install-SPSolution -Identity “SolutionFile.wsp” -WebApplication “http://ServerName/” -GACDeployment

Get-SPFeature -Site “http://ServerName/PWA” | Sort DisplayName | FT DisplayName,Id

Happy Deployment!!!

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