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InfoPath forms plays a major role in developing Workflow forms. The publishing of the forms takes more time when deploying in different servers. The forms developed in developer machine have many links which points to the developer machine ID. When required to host the forms in Staging or Live server, the change links is time consuming. 
In order to come across this situation, I developed an utility of hosting InfoPath forms in seconds – to any Server. The Tool ‘InfoPathPublisher‘ does this functionality.

The figure below is one of the scenario where the data lookup (master table) is referenced from the developer machine.

The tool finds all the string (Developer machine link) and replaces with the Host machine link.

Download Link:

InfopathPublisher – Download
(included readme.txt with the zipped attachment)

Pre-Requisites: DotNet Runtime



  1. Enter Files folder and click on Refresh button
  2. Input Find URL (the URL of development server)
  3. Input Replace URL (the URL of Deployment server)
  4. Click the Publish button.
  5. You can see the forms published to the Replace URL with change in Server location.

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