11004 – Silverlight 4 – Keep Rocking!

Silverlight 4 delivers a full suite of powerful capabilities to business application developers, bringing the best-of-breed .NET platform to browser-based experiences. Silverlight provides an ideal platform for developing and deploying modern business applications for both customer facing and staff-facing applications. It introduces additional capabilities to enable creation of ever more rich, appealing high-performance interactive experiences Read more about 11004 – Silverlight 4 – Keep Rocking![…]

11003 – WebClient – getting Config data thru LINQ

The most common things to make your application more dynamic is load content from an external source. The most common of which is an XML file or a XML-based file such as those from various RSS feeds. In this topic we will be discussing, how to actually read the contents of our XML file using Read more about 11003 – WebClient – getting Config data thru LINQ[…]


11001 – Animated Splash Screen

Animated Splash Screen I find many Silverlight websites having the default Microsoft splash screen. The Silverlight loads the content (in XAP) one time; and later there is no postback as like other web applications. During the load time, having your logo with your own animated splash makes the site very rich. The effort to create Read more about 11001 – Animated Splash Screen[…]