InfoPath Publisher

InfoPath forms plays a major role in developing Workflow forms. The publishing of the forms takes more time when deploying in different servers. The forms developed in developer machine have many links which points to the developer machine ID. When required to host the forms in Staging or Live server, the change links is time consuming.  […]

Reuse Collection types Issue

In VS 2008, there is a problem with reusing collection types when you configure a WCF service and wish to ‘Reuse types in all referenced assemblies’. If you want to pass collections around via your WCF service, a Visual Studio will create a proxy class for each collection type regardless whether your collection type is included within referenced assemblies or not.

Perspective of CRM

The primary goal of CRM is to build a single, integrated, corporate-wide view of the customer, enabling the company to maximize the customer’s experience. By integrating front- and back-office systems to include records of all customer contact, purchases, requests for information and technical support, the corporation can present a single face to the customer and, therefore, provide better service.