DBQuery Tool

The Tool ‘DBQuery’ fetches the Table Name, Column Name for any given Data. You may be knowing the Data entered or modified in a particular table, But it is difficult to query across all the tables to find that Data. So this Tool gives all the Table, Column list where the entered Data is found.

Download Link:

DBQuery – Download
(included readme.txt with the zipped attachment)

Pre-Requisites: DotNet Run-time

The application screenshot is as below,


  1. Modify the DBConnection string according to the database you wish to fetch
  2. Test the Connection by clicking on the Test Connection button.
  3. Once the Connection succeed, the Find string text-box is enabled.
  4. Enter the Find string to be find in the tables of Database.
  5. Click on the Execute button for processing.
  6. The Table Name, Column Name and Column Text are displayed for the matching Find string.

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